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I compete, coach and judge Dressage in Calgary, Alberta Canada. shares information on Dressage training, Alberta Dressage and Dressage showing tips in Calgary, Alberta Canada. is a local portal through which I share my Dressage journey.

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Ask not what Dressage can do for you…..

Coming soon…How show organizers, competitors and sponsors pull double duty to stage Dressage competitions in Alberta. This is the effort it takes to provide us with the Dressage show venues we need to show in the Calgary area and province wide.

New Competitors to Dressage? Begin with Training Level…

A new Dressage Rider asked me if they were ready to enter their first show at Training Level.  I felt that they were well prepared, but I referred them to the “Purpose” of each of the national levels, which are written  at the top of each Dressage Canada official score sheet. Training Level The purpose of showing at Training Level …

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Dressage Canada – Equine Canada Bronze Level Shows – What you need to Know

Lots of Pics

 The Carrots and Cocktails Shows at Anderson Ranch are Equine Canada Bronze Level Shows.  National Level Dressage Shows are classified as Bronze, Silver or Gold.  The Bronze Level Show, requires you to have a valid Equine Canada Bronze  Sport License. Go to Equine, Canada’s website to get one online.  Your horse does not need an Equine Canada Official Passport …

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Video is a Dressage Competitors Best Friend…

This video is from the Calgary Alberta area 2010 Anderson Ranch Dressage Series.  I like my halt and the overall score was good ( 67.3).   I have worked on my shortcomings,  recent videos show Roderick as much more balanced and supple.  There is always something to improve on.  Overall this ride was a good example …

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Riding Acurate Figures Helps your Horse….

from the home of…your Calgary Alberta area portal to all things Dressage… I didn’t believe it at first.  It’s true.  Learn how to ride a circle.  In Dressage, we start with a 20 meter circle, because that is the width of our competition ring.  A circle is perfect.  It is very difficult and takes a …

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Consider Riding a Freestyle

A great Poster

  I’m adding more sample choreography and music to this page.  Stay tuned for a sample 1st and 2nd level Kur for you to try. The Freestyle classes are so well recieved by the public, sponsors and the media.  I want to encourage  Dressage riders to take the plunge into experiencing riding a  freestyle . 

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Forward and downward

We had a very good training ride today, in spite of it being -22 C or -8 F.  It sounds colder in Celsius. I lunged Roderick (using Triflex side reins) for 10 minutes to warm him up.  After mounting, we worked on rhythm and suppleness at the walk. I have learned not to waste time …

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Long Term Athlete Development

“Expanding the reach of the Calgary Dressage community”

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