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Calgary Dressage

The most common request I receive is for a list of Calgary Area barns and instructors that coach Dressage.

I know of the following stables that support Dressage training:  Black Whiskey Ranch, Bri-mel Farms, Cadence Stables, Cara Stables, Carousel Stables, Diamond Willow, Evergreen Equestrian, Eversfield Equestrian, Fox Hollow Equestrian, Ironhill Equestrian Centre, Kestrel Ridge Farms, Moose Hill Ranch, Reverance Stables, Trakehner Glen, Twin Valley, Westridge, Willowgrove.

If you can help complete the Calgary Area Dressage Listings please contact me through comments on this site.  There is no cost to list your barn or trainer.  It will help those new to the sport to have a list of Dressage friendly barns in the Calgary area.

Dressagers around Airdrie and south of High River, please let me know where you are, so you can be included.

Thanks so very much for your support of our sport.


Published by Kim Cox

I compete, coach and judge Dressage in Calgary, Alberta Canada. shares information on Dressage training, Alberta Dressage and Dressage showing tips in Calgary, Alberta Canada. is a local portal through which I share my Dressage journey.

2 replies on “Calgary Area Dressage Stables and Trainers List:”

  1. I have been a dressage enthusiast for many years but have been out of the riding for some time and am now getting back into it with the help of Rita Behan. My husband and I purchased an indoor riding facility in the Three Hills area a few years ago and have been very busy, like a lot of these places, it has been a major fixer upper. As Rita is going to be coming on a regular basis, (as weather allows), I would very much appreciate it if you would add us to your list. It is surprising how many people are moving out into this area and driving back and forth to Calgary and area. The name of our place is ‘Golden Valley Equestrian Center’ and we are located 2 miles east of the #21 hwy at Three Hills on Hwy 583 and 1 3/4 miles south on RR 233 on the west side. Our phone number is 403-443-3772. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions. Thankyou very much for all that you are doing, I have been reading your site and I am very impressed, keep up the great work!!!

    1. Susan, thank you for your response. Good luck to you and ” Golden Valley Equestrian Center” in the Three Hills area, north of Calgary. Rita Behan has a vast knowledge of dressage and will be an asset to those she coaches. She had a tremendous show, with her horse, Chase, at championships last week.
      Welcome to, you are added to my continuing list of stables that support Dressage in the Calgary area.

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