Calgary Dressage…10 last things you should hear from a coach…

If you have a coach/trainer that says anything from this list, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate your relationship:

  1. “I won’t get on your horse, it’s dangerous.”
  2. “Don’t screw up.” (before you go into the ring to ride your test.)
  3. “You can’t hold your reins like that!” (before you go into the ring to ride a test.)
  4. “Your horse can stay  in this stall on the show grounds, but I’m moving my horses to another section of the barn.” (Away from someone that they have issue with and can’t face up to.”
  5. “We know your horse is maxed out.”
  6. “Don’t bother going to that clinic, I ‘ve ridden at a higher level.”
  7. “Have you put on weight?”
  8. Comes up with so many rules that they forget what their rules are.
  9. Tells you what you can or cannot say to other riders or family members.
  10. Never apologizes or worse, blames the student or the horse for their own mistakes.

Remember always  that you are the client. Dressage riders pay upward of 700.00 each month in board and that amount again in training fees, lessons, clinics and shows. Most Dressage riders in our area are women. Be aware that bullies exist in all areas of life.  Learn to identify intimidation by those whom we hire to further our advancement in sport.  Fire them.  I hope this helps.

Kim Cox B.P.E., B.Ed.

Published by Kim Cox

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