Stay tuned for information and updates on how to “go large” on the southern California dressage circuit.  I will be shipping my third level horse to Thermal Ca. next week.  Watch for tips and informantion on “how to” for the adult amateur rider who may want to add this experience to their bucket list.

You need to go to the USDF and the USET websites and aquire the appropriate memberships that allow you to attend rated shows in the States.  You also need to join the California Dressage Society to show at certain levels in California.  The process to get all  certification in order takes some snail mail time. I encourage you to begin this process in early December prior to a January departure.

I have my own horse trailer, but opted to have my horse professionally shipped this time.  I contacted Foothills Horse Transport and chatted with Michael Kits.  He was very helpful and provided me with all the information I needed to aquire the health, vaccination, export paper work etc. needed to cross the border. My veterinary service did the tests and vaccinations in a timely manner and now we’re ready to go south.

I am following my horse down in a large RV with horse trailer attached, even though I am not hauling my own horse. You never know when you may find the horse of the century and I want to be prepared to bring it home.  I plan to follow Roderick down after he has a week of post travel recovery at a facility that was previously scouted out by my coach.  It really is important to have connections with a facility in the area where you are showing.  If you don’t have any link to the area, find a coach with these connections and see if they will take you on as a student.  It will make you experience so much less stressful.

If you ship your horse, please make sure you have a responsible party ready on the other end to receive him. This may sound crazy, but I would never let my horse go to a new barn without someone I trussted to keep a watchful eye on him until I could be there.

So as of the week prior to shipping:

  • Transport is booked
  • Veterinary certificates in hand
  • Pack tack trunk for shipping (This is its own topic)
  • arrange to deliver your horse to the departure site for shipping
  • clip horse, arranage for farrier if necessary before departure

So far so good.



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