Calgary Dressage – Why choose an Equestrian Canada Coach?

As an Equestrian Canada Competition Coach Specialist in Dressage, I am aligned with program development through Sport Canada, the National Coaching Certification Program and the Coaching Association of Canada.

The certifications achieved by accredited coaches exist to provide a level of confidence in the quality of lesson delivery, safety and ability to provide an optimal learning environment.

Certified coaches are coaching professionals evaluated at the highest national standard. We must provide evidence of our own riding ability, clear police record, adherence to the Equestrian Canada code of ethics and hold a current CPR/First Aid certificate.

As a Competition Coach Specialist, I am able to design and implement a year training plan (YTP) for human and equine athletes to prepare students for regional and national level competitions.

Equestrian Canada certified coaches are professionals committed to best practices based on sport science.  We continuously upgrade our skills through professional development to maintain our current certification status.

When considering an equestrian coach for yourself or your child, ask them if they are certified by Equestrian Canada.

Coaching Success