CalgaryDressage California Update….Tuesday Jan. 29th

Super ride today. Jewels got on first and showed me how to work Roddie through.I am a visual learner, so this really helped me understand how, where and when to use my half halts, flexion and keep myself balanced in the saddle. Now is the time to soften my style and blend with Roddie.  If I can begin well and establish softness in the warmup, the rest works.  I still get flustered when the chips are down, especially riding a ten meter circle and flying change after.  The first thing I lose is my light connection.  I just need to ride and not think so much about prefection.  If I can feel what support my horse needs at the time the movement goes much better.  I have been micro-managing poor Roddie.  It is time for him to wear his big boy panties and time I allowed him to.

He was bathed and clipped today.  I said good-bye to his lightning bolt and his saddle patch.  Down here the look is clean and classy all the way. Roderick quite likes the warm and has adjusted to the California dream quite well.  More training this week and weekend, then off to Del-Mar.