….Barn Affirmations

Be thankful
As you enter the barn…

Here are personal affirmations I use as I go to train at the barn: I accept myself and my horse for who we are today. I have a warm regard for others at the barn. I am ready, present physically, emotionaly, mentally and spiritually. I will assist others whenever I can, without taking away from their self detrmination.I believe in win/win and give for the love of giving. Abundance is the natural state of the universe. Believe it.  Ask and allow. Grooming is a silent time to focus on and communicate with your horse.This is part of the ritual of preparation for a successful ride.

Yours in good riding,


Author: Kim Cox

I'm an Alberta Dressage enthusiast. Our family lives in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This site was started to feature information on Dressage training, Alberta Dressage products and Dressage showing tips in the Calgary region. is a local portal to all things Dressage.