Hemp Meal for Dressage horses – London’s story

I began looking for a palatable source of supplemental protein for London.

London is:

  • large horse(17.3)
  • thoroughbred in his breeding (Laurie’s Crusader, Londonderry)
  • stomach issues, hard keeper
  • hot, forward, nervous
  • heavy work and high protein requirement
  • getting a high alfalfa, grass hay mix.

I found a supplier of ground hemp meal, the fines after the hemp oil has been extracted in the milling process.  Hemp is the non-psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant.  Hemp oil and hemp meal are both available in Canada as livestock feed supplements.

Two weeks into the hemp meal supplementation, London was experiencing a better performing demeanour and better focus.  His stomach issues resolved, his coat is better and he is developing into a confident competitor.

There are no THC’s in the Hemp meal (or oil), therefor horses won’t get high, and the meal is a very high source of digestible protein. I prefer the Hemp meal for London because of the protein content (over 20%).

Dorothy Russell, a partner at Elite Three, a Canadian company that produces and sells hemp oil products, says (hemp products) will absolutely not test. This is critical for any natural or formulated supplements added to the diet of competition horses.

The protein content, palatability and improved focus of horses using hemp meal supplements lead me to explore cannabis-based products for the health of my horses.

Elite Three and Natural Won Hemp are both suppliers of cannabis based products for horses and livestock. They both sell oil and meal. I use the meal only for my horses at this point.

Dressage horses train and work hard. They are the ballet dancers of equestrian sport and we ask a lot of them mentally and physically. Hemp products are an excellent protein source and have an added benefit of supporting calm and more focused demeanour.

I’m so very pleased with the results of adding hemp protein to my feeding program and now most of the horses I train use it.

– Kimberly Cox B.P.E, B. Ed.


















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