….Preface to Riding

ANYBODY CAN LEARN TO RIDE, for riding is nothing but skill. Skill can only be acquired by continual “trying out” and practice, but not by imitation of a model. Once skill has been acquired, however, it should be exercised in good form.

Riding is pleasant and can be made an art. And who would not be an artist? Only those, however, who try with their whole soul. to understand the horses’ psychic disposition and who endeavour to establish perfect harmony by sensitive feel instead of crude force, are entitled to be called artists. “Feel” is no “black magic”, and anybody can acquire it to a considerable degree.

The end of all schooling and dressage is perfect harmony between human (man) and mount  – Beauty. The horse must show that it feels comfortable and the rider must not betray how hard it is to achieve this!

W. Museler