Jewels Vysniauskis riding in Aachen
Jewels Vysniauskis is Head Trainer at Kestrel Ridge Farm

Hello Everyone!


Kestrel Ridge Farm is hosting a clinic with Jewels Vysniauskas, January 25,26 ,27, 2013.


As part of the clinic, we have a guest speaker scheduled for Saturday evening. Dr. Andrea Sargent holds a degree in Biomechanics, and is a graduate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. In order to continue the dream of working with horses, she furthered her education with post graduate training in Animal Chiropractic.

Time and place; mezzanine, Kestrel Ridge Farm at 6:00pm. Questions and discussions immediately after presentation.

Cost; $25/per person. Free to the riders that are participating in the Jewels dressage clinic.

Those wanting to ride in the clinic need to sign up (call 403-242-9110).  I have a sign up chart on the white board in the lounge. Please do this as soon as possible so you can reserve your spot to avoid disappointment. There will be some snacks and drinks for riders at the end of the day on Saturday before the start of the presentation.


Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Julia Vysniauskas

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