Our Calgary, Alberta area is rich in equine history

Kim Cox
                                 Kim Cox

Dressage is my sport because of  its precision and harmony between the horse and rider.

This sport of equine classical ballet, with all the rhythm, balance, strength and graceful communication, makes the presentation appear effortless and enhances the appearance of the horse.

Patience and persistence are mantras of Dressage as training and sport.  Dressage is a discipline based on historical traditions of elite equestrian training in classical horsemanship.

Dressage training, attire, equipment, the right coach, how to approach lessons, the training scale, clinics and clinicians, etiquette, understanding Dressage tests and how to ride them, keeping a training log, judging criteria and showing, Dressage NGOs, and what to look for in an Equine Dressage partner are all part and parcel of this site.

Taking the action to train in Dressage will help you to increase your riding awarness and  improve communication with your horse regardless if you intend to enter a Dressage show.

Dressage has become my  journey, and offers the opportunity for a  long term partnership between you and your horse.  You both improve through correct training.

Benefits of Dressage training for the rider include: core strength, cardio-vascular training, isometric training, balance and fine motor skills.  (You can include flexibility is you mount several very tall  horses every day.)

Benefits of Dressage training for your horse include: more rhythmic gaits, more flexiblity, more “throughness” or becoming more submissive to the aids, and increases in strength to “carry”  himself .

Enjoy this site, visit often and  ask questions, we learn from each other.