CalgaryDressage… Stress in Paradise

You would think that the oportunity to ride and train in paradise with other motivated riders and a great coach would be stress free. Yet, if something adverse happens before my ride, I spend more time wondering if I handled it properly, did the right thing, or what the repercussions might be.

Yesterday, while walking Roderick and preparing for my lesson, a man in a fancy car appeared at the gate.  We are training in a private facility, and no one is allowed in without a gate code. He took me by surprise, because I was focused, believe it or not , on my horse, he yelled at me to give him the code. I was not about to do that. I told him that I would let the barn manager know that he was at the gate and trotted off to the barn.

It was the right thing to do in terms of barn procedure, but it totally blew my focus and concentration.I was preparing for my lesson as if it was a test. This interuption in my warm-up amd thought process showed me how fragile we can become and how important focus and emotional fitness is to riding consistently. This is not the first time a similar situation has interfered with my riding focus, and most certainly not likely to be the last.

I’m glad it happened in training.  It showed me an aspect of my training that is lacking.  Total focus and concentration. Support your horse. Focus on your goals and for a few minutes, let the universe take care of itself.