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Who are the people involved in Calgary Alberta Area Dressage.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Calgary Dressagers and Horses

A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care.   – Pat Parelli

Our Calgary, Alberta area is rich in equine history Kim Cox Dressage is my sport because of  its precision and harmony between the horse and rider. This sport of equine classical ballet, with all the rhythm, balance, strength and graceful communication, makes the presentation appear effortless and enhances the appearance of the horse. Patience and …

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Thoughts on Performance

Riding the Diagonal LIne

1. We were physically well prepared for our tests. 2. Mental toughness is an area I need to keep working on. 3. I need to practice at “speed”. 4. I need to keep in mind the “set up” for the required transitions. 5. Focus, for me, is a big requirement for showing dressage. 6. I’ll …

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Calgary Area Dressage Stables and Trainers List:

black saddle

The most common request I receive is for a list of Calgary Area barns and instructors that coach Dressage. I know of the following stables that support Dressage training:  Black Whiskey Ranch, Bri-mel Farms, Cadence Stables, Cara Stables, Carousel Stables, Diamond Willow, Evergreen Equestrian, Eversfield Equestrian, Fox Hollow Equestrian, Ironhill Equestrian Centre, Kestrel Ridge Farms, …

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Calgary Dressage Freestyle Music & Choreography….

Andersons centerline

Over 450 musical selections and growing.  Kur music and choreography. Freestyles are FUN: Fantastic way to dance with your horse….Unanimously appealling…Now available from Calgary Dressage Contact: Kim Cox through  comments on the Calgary Dressage website. Check the Freestyle page for a link to Free Calgary Dressage Music


Long Term Athlete Development

“Expanding the reach of the Calgary Dressage community”

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Welcome all Dressage enthusiasts to         This is your one place to find all things Dressage.