…Why Dressage?

Unfortunately, there seems to be some misapprehension amongst English riders as to the nature of “School Riding”. More often than not it is confounded with “Haute Ecole”; some even go so far as to call it “trick riding”. It is nothing of the sort. Ordinary “School Riding” is the fundamental education of both rider and […]…Dressage Code of Conduct

Dressage Code: Understand the results you achieve in training are only a step in the process. Let your horse be the primary source of instant feedback for your purpose and progress. Focus on joy, celebration and an inner sense of calm purposeful determination. Know that each result achieved correctly will occur perfectly on purpose. Prepare to […]….Barn Affirmations

Here are personal affirmations I use as I go to train at the barn: I accept myself and my horse for who we are today. I have a warm regard for others at the barn. I am ready, present physically, emotionaly, mentally and spiritually. I will assist others whenever I can, without taking away from their self detrmination.I believe […]….Core Principles…

  Dressage Business Management… My core principles:  1.     Engage in lawfulness, honesty, personal, integrity and fairness in all transactions. You will always be caught in a lie. 2.     Commit to safety. Stop, think and ask. There are no dumb questions. 3.     Seek out roles and responsibilities…Help.  Be part of the solution. 4.     Set high expectations for […]