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Calgary Dressage info on 2012 AJYR Show – Volunteer Scribes & Medic needed

The Show Ring

Hi everyone,  I’m sending this out on behalf of the organizers of the 2012 AJYR Show @ Westerner Fair Grounds in Red Deer. They are in need of some volunteers for the show: They need scribes for Friday May 11, Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13. 2 scribes are needed per day for all …

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Calgary Area Dressage Shows…Save the Date for Claresholm

The CC/ADA Gold Show will be hosted in Claresholm June 9/10, 2012. This is a save the date reminder for Calgary area dressagers, as last year they had to limit the number of entries to their show. This marks the silver anniversary of the show, and it’s sure to be very special. This is a great …

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Calgary Area Dressage Show Dates for 2012

Carrots and Cocktails Series: January 22nd – open schooling at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping Arena (Anderson’s) Carrots and Cocktails I February 11/12 at Andersons February 26th open schooling at Rocky Mountain Show Jumping Arena (Anderson’s) Carrots and Cocktails II March 10/11 at Anderson’s Carrots and Cocktails III April 14/15 at Anderson’s

Pan-Am games Dressage scores…click here

Crystal & Lymrix

Click here for a link to Pan-Am Games scores for our Sivler Medal winning Dressage Team.

Thoughts on Performance

Riding the Diagonal LIne

1. We were physically well prepared for our tests. 2. Mental toughness is an area I need to keep working on. 3. I need to practice at “speed”. 4. I need to keep in mind the “set up” for the required transitions. 5. Focus, for me, is a big requirement for showing dressage. 6. I’ll …

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Dressage Riders need to know the rules of our Sport….

Suggestion:   Before considering making an accusation regarding a rule breach involving a fellow dressager,  take note of the rules of our sport.  Ignorance may be the reason for a false accusation, but it is not an excuse for making it. 2011 Dressage Canada Rule Book Check your rule book page 34…article E 4.9 #5. It …

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Calgary Dressage Tips…What to do if a test goes wrong….


When considering why your test did not go as it should, be honest and objective about why. Your coach can be very helpful in this regard.  You need to look to the reason not the result. This past weekend, I was dissapointed in my first ride, my horse was not with me and seemed to …

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No more Top Hats Allowed in National Level Tests!

Equine Canada/Dressage Canada have issued a late rule change that as of May 1st, 2011, only competitors above 4th level will be allowed to wear Top Hats in Canadian Competitions.  All others must wear a safety approved helmet with harness when mounted on the show grounds. Failure to comply will cause the rider to be eliminated from …

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Watch – New 2011 Second Level test 3…


Kim Cox & Roderick show Second Level test 3 at Carrots & Cocktails, 2011 Calgary Area Dressage Season Opening Show.

How to Remember Letters Around the Dressage Arena…

I hope this helps Calgary Alberta area dressage riders. I’ve come up with a way to remember the letter positions around the Dressage arena. Starting with A and going clockwise around the ring: A-All K-Kings V-Visit E-Each S-Special H-Horse C-Cantering M-Merrily R-‘Round B-Beautiful P-Pastures F-Free I understand that the original Dressage letters were abbreviated names …

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