First Level Requirements….Tips

Calgary Alberta area show season begins next month with the Carrots & Cocktails Series at Anderson Ranch.  If you choose to move up to 1st Level classes from training level be aware that the expectation is “to confirm that the horse, in addition to the requirements of Training Level, has developed thrust (pushing power) and […]

New rulebook for Alberta Wild Rose Series

 Calgary Area “Dressagers”  take note, if you plan to compete in the upcoming Wild Rose Dressage series, usually held at beautiful Kestrel Ridge Farms, west of Calgary, be aware of the new rules.  the AEF has posted 2011 rules on the AEF website… Click on the competitions tag and then click on Wild Rose.  Points […]

Calgary and Alberta Show Committees need our help as Volunteers…

The members of Show Committees across the province are ramping up for the Alberta Dressage show season.   These dedicated few are working on developing and publishing their show prize lists following Equine Canada rules.  They will be booking Dressage Judges and budgeting for the judge’s flight and accommodation.  Volunteers are assigned to host the judge for the duration of the show.  This […]

New Competitors to Dressage? Begin with Training Level…

A new Dressage Rider asked me if they were ready to enter their first show at Training Level.  I felt that they were well prepared, but I referred them to the “Purpose” of each of the national levels, which are written  at the top of each Dressage Canada official score sheet. Training Level The purpose of showing at Training Level […]

Dressage Canada – Equine Canada Bronze Level Shows – What you need to Know

 The Carrots and Cocktails Shows at Anderson Ranch are Equine Canada Bronze Level Shows.  National Level Dressage Shows are classified as Bronze, Silver or Gold.  The Bronze Level Show, requires you to have a valid Equine Canada Bronze  Sport License. Go to Equine, Canada’s website to get one online.  Your horse does not need an Equine Canada Official Passport […]