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Sharing ideas and experiences while training my own and others' horses. I talk about successful strategies for preparing for competition.

Dressage Warm-ups…Training Log

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  Every horse needs a warm-up routine.  I follow the principles of the “Training Scale” but as I ride, I adjust  exercises to spend more time where my horse needs it.  This is no different than a human athlete who is tight in the hamstrings, spending more time streching this area. My horse, Roderick, needs a good measure of …

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Calgary Dressage tips…..

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Here are a few dressage tips to think about on your next training ride: Make sure each and every aid you give to your horse is equally respected. This means ride in the present, feel and be confident about asking consistently. Ride into collection ( this begins at second level), rather than slowing the horse …

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Dressage Warm-up..Get your Horse off your leg…

Great shot of the Dressage exercise "shoulder in"

Try this exercise as part of your warm up: Ride into a leg yield  facing the rail (either direction) on the long side of the arena. Ride the leg yield several steps down the long side. Halt in leg yield, do not straighten. Use a  turn on the forehand to reposition to leg yield back the opposite …

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Books offer an answer to many training issues. Take a look  …New Dressage Books are a hot link away! Dressager’s Log II

Working to win

Helpful exercises for me and Roderick: (maybe you too) 1. Warm up – longitudinal stretch…forward and downward.  You should be able to keep your horses nose where you want it. 2.Warm up – Flexion take to be able to give.  Ride serpentines. 3. Walk squares with 1/4 turns at each corner.  Add leg yield out …

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Watch my back

Roderick is a 12 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding, imported KWPN (Ferro X Dance-O-War XX).  He has awesome presence and potential.  I am truly fortunate that he is my equine partner.  To achieve our goals, as a team I must target “suppleness”. General suppleness, in the jaw, poll, through the back and in lateral work.  This means …

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Gersemi – Sweden’s Equestrian Fashion Brand

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Calgary Dressage Quotes:

Technique will come….one must first be struck by the beauty of something.  It sparks the openess to learn. ~ Kim Cox

Calgary Dressage Quotes:

“Like a musician, you must spend years as an unknown while you polish your craft.”  ~Yohiji Yamamoto