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Sharing ideas and experiences while training my own and others' horses. I talk about successful strategies for preparing for competition.

Calgary Dressage Quotes: You’ll get there!

Never underestimate patience.

Calgary Dressage Quotes: Trust your seat!

If you can’t, then take lunge line lessons so you can.

Training Tip of the day – Stretching

  Consider the art of riding Dressage a dance between horse and rider.  Dancer’s spend a great deal of training time stretching.  We need to stretch as riders, and the horses need to stretch too.  It is best practice to allow your horse to begin each workout with a forward and downward stretch at the …

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Dressage Training in Hand….with small hooves:)

  This demonstrates the art of long line training (or in this case, short line training ).  Very Cute!

Riding Acurate Figures Helps your Horse….

from the home of…your Calgary Alberta area portal to all things Dressage… I didn’t believe it at first.  It’s true.  Learn how to ride a circle.  In Dressage, we start with a 20 meter circle, because that is the width of our competition ring.  A circle is perfect.  It is very difficult and takes a …

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“” your local portal to the world of Dressage

Forward and downward

We had a very good training ride today, in spite of it being -22 C or -8 F.  It sounds colder in Celsius. I lunged Roderick (using Triflex side reins) for 10 minutes to warm him up.  After mounting, we worked on rhythm and suppleness at the walk. I have learned not to waste time …

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