Calgary Dressage Freestyle Music & Choreography….

Andersons centerline
Freestyles are FUN

Over 450 musical selections and growing.  Kur music and choreography.

Freestyles are FUN:

Fantastic way to dance with your horse….Unanimously appealling…Now available from Calgary Dressage

Contact: Kim Cox through  comments on the Calgary Dressage website.

Check the Freestyle page for a link to Free Calgary Dressage Music

For Caroline….Beatles Freestyle Choreography

Extended Trot
Extended Trot

Here it is….have fun and don’t hesitate to change the choreography to highlight your horse’s best features.

Hard Day’s Freestyle

5:14 – Start at Rider’s Signal

Kim Cox & Roderick

A Enter, Halt at L ( 1 Salute, 2 Prepare)

Proceed working trot to S

H 10 M. circle right\

C – turn up centreline\

Leg Yield out to P

A – turn down centreline

L – 10 M. circle LEFT

X to M leg yield out

H-X-F extend trot on diagonal

A – 20 M. stretchy circle

K – B short diagonal in trot

Pick up left lead canter between R & M

C – 15 M. canter circle left lead

Walk through trot at S – Medium walk

S – R medium walk

R to S – ½ 20 M. Circle back to S

Trot with music change and canter right lead at H

C – 15 M. canter circle right lead

Quarter line – diagonal – V change of lead through trot to music.

V – P ½ 20 M. Circle left lead canter

P to M lengthen in Canter

M – working Canter

C – turn up centerline, between I & X Change of lead through trot

Between L & D – ½ 10 M. circle to between V & K in right lead canter

K to H lengthen stride in canter

Transition to trot before C

C – serpentine R to S

S to P lengthen trot on short diagonal

½ 10-meter circle to centreline

X – halt, hold until end of music and salute.

Calgary Dressage MP3 Downloadable Music…Here

Click on this link for Calgary Dressage Freestyle Music…..Freestyles are Fun.

(All music downloads are free, as a service to all  Alberta Area Dressage riders. I hope to  to encourage more Kurs at competitions. )

Nice Halt
Nice Horse, Nice Halt

New – Revised Technical Requirements for 3rd and 4th Level Freestyles

Great shot of the Dressage exercise "shoulder in"
Know the rules

This is from Dressage Canada as of March 1, 2011 (Very important for Calgary Area Freestyle riders):

“Freestyle riders, please take note that in keeping with the new dressage tests, the third and fourth level freestyle tests have been revised.

In Third Level, counter canter is no longer a required movement.

In Fourth Level, changes of every third stride are not required and the canter pirouettes are now “working half pirouettes”.

From Calgary Dressage: Level 1 Freestyle Music with Choreography – Beatles

Lots of Pics
Freestyles are fun


Freestyles are fun!



                 Calgary Dressage Level 1 Freetyle – Beatles  

Send me a request in “comments”,  including your email address, and I’ll forward you choreography to go with the music.

You can turn this into a training level freestyle by adjusting the choreography to meet the rule requirements of EC.    

Always check  for rule updates before performing a freestyle for marks at a show.    

There are moves at each level that are “clearly allowed” and that are “clearly disallowed”.

Video for 1st level Freestyle


Watch my 1st Level Freestyle here:



Riding freestyles are a fun way to promote Dressage in the Calgary Alberta area. 

They are a spectator friendly way to share the training and dedication of our sport.

 Try riding to music first, does it distract or motivate?  Can you feel the hoof beats of your horse through the music?  Does your horse like it? Can you imagine a transition to another gait when the music changes? Do you know the required elements of the freestyle level you intend to ride to? Is riding accurately to a letter in a regular test a bit of a worry? 

Stay with, we will explore the art of drafting your freestyle coming soon. Free Freestyle

Flashdance Freestyle 

 Try riding your own freestyle routine to this music….. 

  • 20 sec. of intro to halt and salute
  • 113 sec. of trot work
  • 60 sec. for walk and free walk work
  • 114 sec. of canter
  • 14 sec. of ending trot work to halt and salute

         Calgary Flash Dance Freestyle

For more Free Freestyles, visit often….stay tuned