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Calgary Alberta area dressage breaking news, coming soon reports – Showing Dressage in the USA #1

Kim Cox and Roderick training in San Diego

  Training in San Diego The process of showing Dressage is a multi stage process. Riding in the equivalent of our recognized shows, riders must have all memberships to the USDF, USEF and the local state NGO.  Riders also need a horse license number for your horse, USDF and USEF membership numbers for your coach or …

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CalgaryDressage…Location, Location, Location

We have parked our RV at the county run RV park adjacent to the historic Del-Mar Fair grounds and race track.  When racing season is on. this park is for the exclusive use of the Thoroughbred Club here in Del-Mar. The location is excellent for ammenities, or if you have non-riders in the family.  It’s …

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CalgaryDressage… Stress in Paradise

You would think that the oportunity to ride and train in paradise with other motivated riders and a great coach would be stress free. Yet, if something adverse happens before my ride, I spend more time wondering if I handled it properly, did the right thing, or what the repercussions might be. Yesterday, while walking …

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CalgaryDressage…Help in Half Pass

I’m preparing for my first show of the season here in Thermal. My coach, Jewels Vysniauskas, has been so very patient with us. I don’t know how many times she has had to say “Kim, widen your hands” or “Kim you need to ride with more leg”. I have a degree in Kinesiololgy and also …

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CalgaryDressage California Update….Tuesday Jan. 29th

Super ride today. Jewels got on first and showed me how to work Roddie through.I am a visual learner, so this really helped me understand how, where and when to use my half halts, flexion and keep myself balanced in the saddle. Now is the time to soften my style and blend with Roddie.  If …

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Here at last.  I’m a flyer, not a driver. Big thanks to my husband Bob and buddy Robbie Broatch for getting me here and setting me up in our RV. I can see this is a group effort.  You would be hard pressed to do this all by yourself. I’m not saying it couldn’t be …

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Calgary Dressage…..Made it to Vegas Jan. 25th, 2013

I’m on my quest to ride, train and compete in Southern California.  So far, my husband Bob and friend Robbie Broatch have made it to Los Vegas from Calgary in just over 24 hours.  The going was slow through Montana with wind and blowing snow on Route 89.  I’m  very glad I decided not to …

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Watch and learn…….


Pirates Freestyle from

Pirate Freestyle (Kur) music I rode this with Roderick at Kestrel Ridge Riding Academy’s Halloween Fun Day 2012.  

CA/ADA Fall 2012 Newsletter…..Local Dressage News from the Calgary Area

black saddle

Calgary Area of the Alberta Dressage Association                                                                          This newsletter is an important resource for local dressage riders and those new to our sport. There is information on shows and clinics past and future. It would be wise to join this organization and support local Dressage if you haven’t done so.  There is contact information in the …

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