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Information on Dressage from approved and correct sources.…..Showing in the USA #3


  In a perfect world, I would like to show every 2 to 3 weeks during the season.  In this part of the world you can do that.  Showing this often adds to a rider’s mental toughness and psychological edge. There is a long off season at home and shows are far apart in the regular schedule at …

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You have established a training base in southern California, your horse has arrived at the destination all is well. Your horse will need a few days to  adjust to the climate and change in hay. Bathe and clip your horse and find the appropriate sheet/blanket/fly mask combination for the weather in the desert. We feed “Safe Choice”, …

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Calgary Dressage looks for the Half Halt

Joni Lynn Peters and Travolta

Half Halt  This link to a short video on the half halt is one of the best I’ve seen.  It may help you to understand how, when and why we use it in Dressage.  It’s an essential part of preparing your horse for jumping too.  Never underestimate the power of the half halt.

Calgary Dressage..Tough training questions for amateurs, are there easy answers?

You're a winner

What is holding you back in your progress?  What if you are not moving ahead in a particular area of your horse’s training or your riding ability?  When is waiting for things to develop patiently not working for you? It can be tough to be honest with yourself, and your horse.  This is where your …

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Calgary Area Dressage….Riding Academy at Kestrel Ridge Farm

Jewels Vysniauskis riding in Aachen

  Thinking of trying dressage?  Kestrel Ridge Farm has a Riding Academy for beginning riders or those new to the sport of dressage. There are opportunities to cross train with grid work, jumping and  riding trails but dressage basics are at the heart of the program. Kestrel Ridge Farm is one of the few facilities that …

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Conformation considerations when buying a Dressage Horse….

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This is the time of year when most dressage prospects are purchased by new owners.  Friends of mine ask me what makes a good potential dressage horse.  I refer them to this article.

Calgary Dressage supports Polo for Polio

Kim Cox & Roderick

Members of my family survived the polio epidemic of the 1950’s. Some recovered and some have suffered tremendously.  Now in their late 50’s and early 60’s, post polio syndrome is causing health issues for those who seemed to beat the virus when it first hit.  There are many who after years of symptom free livng have …

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Effective Warm ups for Dressage…

A great Poster

Our horses are dancers, performers, athletes.  We would never guess that in our busy amateur dressager lives, we may shortchange our equine partners in warming up their bodies for the training we ask of them. Here are some exercises presented by Charlotte Brendhal-Baker and the recent Calgary area clinic…. Ride leg yield, nose to rail,  …

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Compare and Contrast Dressage & Western Riding…Watch this video

For all my Western riding friends at the barn….I love this video, I hope you do too.

Calgary Dressage Tips: How to Ride a Diagonal…

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When you prepare to ride the diagonal line: Take a half halt (outside rein), make the  turn to ride your diagonal. Line up the letter with your outside hip as you make the turn to the diagonal, then ride toward the letter lining it up with the new outside hip ( your hip, not the …

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