Custom Helmets in Dressage…The new Top Hat?

Samshield Helmet


Samshield is the first approved custom helmet manufacturer to offer Dressagers a beautiful and uniquely custom alternative to the Top Hat at the national levels of competition.

This sleek and low profile design is available in all combination of custom colors, fabrics, leathers, crystals and chrome ideally suited to the dress code of Dressage.

The basic helmet cost is comparable to any of the top of the line equestrian helment.  The Samshield company takes the head gear options leaps ahead by offering custom add-ons for a price.  You can even design your own helmet by going to the Samshield website.

Add Bling
Samshield options include crystals

Equi-Products have Samshield helmets.  You can purchase a stock helmet, or order your custom Samshield helmet through them.  Samshield Helmets are ASTM/SEI approved. I can’t wait to get mine.

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2 replies on “Custom Helmets in Dressage…The new Top Hat?”

  1. My company – Equestrian Options Canada – represents KEP Italia Helmets
    ( in Canada from our base in Calgary.
    Like Samshield, KEP offer a range of helmets for the Dressage rider.
    KEP Helmets – the ‘superior helmet’ – are available from Equi-Products and I will be working with Equi-Products at The Mane Event in Red Deer this coming weekend.
    I will have a full array of KEP Helmets available for show-and-tell and would be more than happy to assist anyone in achieving a custom fit of what is probably the best helmet available on the market today.
    I have more than 10 years experience in fitting helmets, with helmet safety one of my passions.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Diana. I know many Dressagers at 2nd through 4th levels who have been competing in top hats will be looking for helmets to be in compliance with the new Dressage Canada rules effective May 1, 2011. The Mane Event is a wonderful venue and many Dressagers will be interested in your product. I encourage riders to check out the KEP Italia website, in advance of seeing you for a helmet fitting at the Equi-Products booth.

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