For Caroline….Beatles Freestyle Choreography

Extended Trot
Extended Trot

Here it is….have fun and don’t hesitate to change the choreography to highlight your horse’s best features.

Hard Day’s Freestyle

5:14 – Start at Rider’s Signal

Kim Cox & Roderick

A Enter, Halt at L ( 1 Salute, 2 Prepare)

Proceed working trot to S

H 10 M. circle right\

C – turn up centreline\

Leg Yield out to P

A – turn down centreline

L – 10 M. circle LEFT

X to M leg yield out

H-X-F extend trot on diagonal

A – 20 M. stretchy circle

K – B short diagonal in trot

Pick up left lead canter between R & M

C – 15 M. canter circle left lead

Walk through trot at S – Medium walk

S – R medium walk

R to S – ½ 20 M. Circle back to S

Trot with music change and canter right lead at H

C – 15 M. canter circle right lead

Quarter line – diagonal – V change of lead through trot to music.

V – P ½ 20 M. Circle left lead canter

P to M lengthen in Canter

M – working Canter

C – turn up centerline, between I & X Change of lead through trot

Between L & D – ½ 10 M. circle to between V & K in right lead canter

K to H lengthen stride in canter

Transition to trot before C

C – serpentine R to S

S to P lengthen trot on short diagonal

½ 10-meter circle to centreline

X – halt, hold until end of music and salute.