How to Remember Letters Around the Dressage Arena…

I hope this helps Calgary Alberta area dressage riders.

20 x 60m
Dressage Competition Arena

I’ve come up with a way to remember the letter positions around the Dressage arena.

Starting with A and going clockwise around the ring:

  • A-All
  • K-Kings
  • V-Visit
  • E-Each
  • S-Special
  • H-Horse
  • C-Cantering
  • M-Merrily
  • R-‘Round
  • B-Beautiful
  • P-Pastures
  • F-Free

I understand that the original Dressage letters were abbreviated names of  a King’s horses, whose stalls surrounded the indoor riding school at court. That would explain why Dressage letters are not in alphabetical order. Does anyone have any other information on the origin of Dressage letter placement? Send a comment.

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  1. I also heard that the letters were markers for grooms to place horses in the correct spot for their royal court riders to mount them. At K would be the king’s horse (König), S for the secretary’s horse (Sekretär) etc. All I know is there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the whole thing, and knowing the Germans there would have been a very exact system regarding them. (Assuming of course the letters are German-based, of course.)

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