I make notes for you after each lesson. Why don’t other Riding Coaches do that?

Love these emails:


On Oct 2, 2018, at 10:46 AM,  wrote:

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the great lesson yesterday. I really enjoy getting some clarity and answers to some of my long-time questions.

I really love the notes you attached to the invoice about the highlights of my lesson. Great training aid!

Cheers, Laureen

Dear Laureen,

I feel it is my duty to summarize what we cover in each lesson for each student. I reflect on what went well in the lesson, and what we need to address for progress to continue.  I record lesson notes, in the “Notes” feature on my IOS device and then forward them on to students at the end of each month with their invoice.

It takes extra time to do this for my students, but the benefits are immense. I have a written record of what we worked on, and what we achieved in the month. This is essential to fulfill goals, both short term and over the long term. I believe it helps my students to understand how far they have come in their riding over a series of lessons. Students have a record of what hey have covered and where they are in their riding journey.

Every once in a while, I get a nice email from students, thanking me for sending them their training notes (above). Thank you.

Kimberly Cox