Some Thoughts on Training the Dressage horse & Jumpers too

Some Thoughts on Training the Dressage horse & Jumpers too

Dressage Ideas
Fundamentals First

What exercises should be easy before showing in the Dressage ring or over fences.

The education gleaned from the hunter ring gave us, of a certain age, the basics from which we transitioned to Preliminary, Intermediate and the pinnacle of equestrian sport, Open Jumpers. I continually surprise those new to equestrian sport, when I tell them open hunters, in my day, had fences set at 4’6” or 1.37 meters.

Students usually give me a sideways glance at this point and marvel that a Dressage coach could actually entertain riding a course set at this height.  Open hunters or prelim jumping courses were set at 4″6″. Our horses were well trained and we had to know how to ride to a fence. So how did we do it?

Here are some thoughts on training the Dressage horse and Jumpers too.

Some things to try more of:

Full pass (side stepping shifting the weight right to left, & left to right)

Turn on the forehand (in motion)

Turn on the haunches

Riding squares – controlling the outside shoulder

Combining all the above exercises in a warm up

Try full pass to rein back


Halt from shoulder in

Full pass if a horse rushes in lateral work

Shoulder in to renvers

Link circles with halt and full pass

Passade (turn on haunches in motion) through a corner to canter

Dressage is simple; it’s just not easy (C .Du Jardin)