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What is Long Term Equestrian Development?

Black Saddle

LTED in Alberta Canada

Calgary area Summer Riding Camps – Kestrel Ridge Farm…..

Haflingers rule

There are limited spaces available for beginner, novice and developing riders. Kestrel Ridge is a dressage based facility.  Once riders obtain a good dressage seat, they can progress to work over fences.Camp Handout (March 29, 2012)

Tri-Flex Side Reins now available through Heartland Saddlery

Tri-Flex Reins

Tri-Flex Side Reins are now available at Heartland Saddlery.  These fully elastic training aids for flat work and Dressage are in stock now. Tri-Flex Side Reins are designed and made by Kim Cox in Calgary.

Tri-Flex Side Reins are available through Heartland Saddlery, Okotoks

  International Vaulters use    Tri-Flex Side Reins “On the bit , All the time”     

From Calgary Dressage: Level 1 Freestyle Music with Choreography – Beatles

Freestyles are fun   Freestyles are fun!                                    Calgary Dressage Level 1 Freetyle – Beatles   Send me a request in “comments”,  including your email address, and I’ll forward you choreography to go with the music. You can turn this into a training level freestyle by adjusting the choreography to meet the rule …

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Video for 1st level Freestyle

  Watch my 1st Level Freestyle here:

Tri-Flex Side Reins…”On the Bit, All the Time”