Calgary Dressage – Alberta Dressage Show Dates for 2012

Dressage Show Ribbons
2012 Summer Dressage Show Dates for Alberta

Thank you to Beckie Snow for compiling the show dates for the Alberta Dressage Summer Season:

2012 Alberta Recognized & Schooling Show Dates as of March 21, 2012:
May 11, 12 &13th
Gold Show in Red Deer presented by AJ/YR

May 12th
Bronze Show in Red Deer presented by AJ/YR

May 26th and 27th
Gold Show – Amberlea Meadows Dressage Show (Edmonton Area)
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June 9th and 10th
Gold Show in Claresholm presented by CC/ADA

June 28th to July 1st
CDI*** in Calgary presented by CA/ADA

June 30th
Double W Riding Academy Bronze Summer Classic – Bronze Show
July 20 – 22nd
Gold Show – Amberlea Meadows Summer Dressage Festival (Edmonton Area)
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Sept 1st and 2nd
Gold Show in Calgary presented by CA/ADA

Sept 13th and 14th Parkland Dressage Festival Provincials in Red Deer presented by PA/ADA

Sept 15th and 16th
Parkland Dressage Festival Regionals in Red Deer presented by PA/ADA


March 10-11 – Dressage Schooling Show I
April 14-15 – Dressage Schooling Show II
Contact: Ph: 780-955-7608 Fax: 780-955-7755
Email- Website

UPDATE – Double W Riding Academy Dressage Schooling Show series:
* Saturday, April 14th
* Saturday, September 8th
* Saturday, October 6th
Watch for prize list. Follow on facebook as well! Please note new barn number 403-843-3333 .
Double W Riding Academy

August 10 – 12 – Extreme Stables Annual Summer Extravaganza – Dressage/Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show. Find the prize list in the News at

New rulebook for Alberta Wild Rose Series

 Calgary Area “Dressagers”  take note, if you plan to compete in the upcoming Wild Rose Dressage series, usually held at beautiful Kestrel Ridge Farms, west of Calgary, be aware of the new rules.  the AEF has posted 2011 rules on the AEF website…

Click on the competitions tag and then click on Wild Rose.  Points for year-end awards will only be given to CADORA tests ridden at the competitions.  There is an option to ride tests downloaded free from the USDF (which are the same as the Equine Canada Tests), but you can’t accumulate points by performing these test at the competition.  Also take a look at point number 5 on page 7….”the Equine Canada Rulebook is not applicable at any time” during the Wild Rose Series.

Dressage Canada – Equine Canada Bronze Level Shows – What you need to Know

Lots of Pics
Paperwork for Bronze Level Shows

 The Carrots and Cocktails Shows at Anderson Ranch are Equine Canada Bronze Level Shows.  National Level Dressage Shows are classified as Bronze, Silver or Gold.  The Bronze Level Show, requires you to have a valid Equine Canada Bronze  Sport License.

Go to Equine, Canada’s website to get one online.  Your horse does not need an Equine Canada Official Passport and current Horse License for the Bronze Level show. You will need to be a member of  the Alberta Equestrian Federation. The AEF provides liability coverage for the event. Check out the Alberta Equestrian Federation website  for membership info. 

There was no mention, in the Prize List for the Carrots and Cocktails Show, that proof of a negative Coggin’s Test was a required document.  Some Bronze shows do require proof of negative Coggin’s, as do some riding establishments, as part of their bio-hazard protocol. 

 If you decide to show at a  Gold Level show, say the CA/ADA Dressage Show held at Anderson Ranch every June, then you can upgrade your Bronze Level membership to a Gold Sport License.  You only pay the difference.  You would then need to have a horse passport, sport license and Coggin’s Test.

If you intend to compete in the Calgary area, there are provincially sanctioned shows.  The Wild Rose Series was hosted last year at Kestrel Ridge Farms. You can check their website to see if they will be hosting shows in 2011.  Rules for these shows can be found by searching for “Wild Rose” on the Alberta Equestrian Federation website

 CADORA tests are used at these competitions and you need to be a member of the Alberta Equestrian Federation to compete.

In my view, showing  confirms the work that I am doing with my horses is correct and that I am “on track” in  my training. Shows are not a place to school, you want to be prepared to show at the correct level for you and your horse. More about this later…..