Calgary Dressage – Alberta Dressage Show Dates for 2012

Dressage Show Ribbons
2012 Summer Dressage Show Dates for Alberta

Thank you to Beckie Snow for compiling the show dates for the Alberta Dressage Summer Season:

2012 Alberta Recognized & Schooling Show Dates as of March 21, 2012:
May 11, 12 &13th
Gold Show in Red Deer presented by AJ/YR

May 12th
Bronze Show in Red Deer presented by AJ/YR

May 26th and 27th
Gold Show – Amberlea Meadows Dressage Show (Edmonton Area)
Ph: 780-955-7608 Fax: 780-955-7755
Email- Website

June 9th and 10th
Gold Show in Claresholm presented by CC/ADA

June 28th to July 1st
CDI*** in Calgary presented by CA/ADA

June 30th
Double W Riding Academy Bronze Summer Classic – Bronze Show
July 20 – 22nd
Gold Show – Amberlea Meadows Summer Dressage Festival (Edmonton Area)
Ph: 780-955-7608 Fax: 780-955-7755
Email- Website

Sept 1st and 2nd
Gold Show in Calgary presented by CA/ADA

Sept 13th and 14th Parkland Dressage Festival Provincials in Red Deer presented by PA/ADA

Sept 15th and 16th
Parkland Dressage Festival Regionals in Red Deer presented by PA/ADA


March 10-11 – Dressage Schooling Show I
April 14-15 – Dressage Schooling Show II
Contact: Ph: 780-955-7608 Fax: 780-955-7755
Email- Website

UPDATE – Double W Riding Academy Dressage Schooling Show series:
* Saturday, April 14th
* Saturday, September 8th
* Saturday, October 6th
Watch for prize list. Follow on facebook as well! Please note new barn number 403-843-3333 .
Double W Riding Academy

August 10 – 12 – Extreme Stables Annual Summer Extravaganza – Dressage/Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show. Find the prize list in the News at

Calgary Dressage info on 2012 AJYR Show – Volunteer Scribes & Medic needed

The Show Ring
The Really Big Show

Hi everyone,

 I’m sending this out on behalf of the organizers of the 2012 AJYR Show @ Westerner Fair Grounds in Red Deer.

They are in need of some volunteers for the show:

They need scribes for Friday May 11, Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13. 2 scribes are needed per day for all 3 days and one person to scribe for the bronze show which is the Saturday only.

They also need a medic for all 3 days as well if anyone is interested.

Please contact Kelly Wise at 403-247-0649 or if you are interested in helping out.   (via Karen Mercier)

Thoughts on Performance

Riding the Diagonal LIne
Calgary Dressage

1. We were physically well prepared for our tests.

2. Mental toughness is an area I need to keep working on.
3. I need to practice at “speed”.
4. I need to keep in mind the “set up” for the required transitions.
5. Focus, for me, is a big requirement for showing dressage.
6. I’ll never underestimate the value of having a groom.
7. I learned to practice tests at home, but don’t drill.
8. I did accomplish a great deal in my warm-ups.
9. I will work on making my tests be as good as the warm-ups.
10. I will always have fun and learn at shows.
Kudos to PADA for hosting a brillliant Championship this year. 
                                                              Thanks for the great weather.

Dressage Riders need to know the rules of our Sport….

Suggestion:   Before considering making an accusation regarding a rule breach involving a fellow dressager,  take note of the rules of our sport.  Ignorance may be the reason for a false accusation, but it is not an excuse for making it.

2011 Dressage Canada Rule Book

Check your rule book page 34…article E 4.9 #5.
It reads…

Double bridles may be used to warm up any horse regardless of the level at which it will compete.

Calgary Dressage MP3 Downloadable Music…Here

Click on this link for Calgary Dressage Freestyle Music…..Freestyles are Fun.

(All music downloads are free, as a service to all  Alberta Area Dressage riders. I hope to  to encourage more Kurs at competitions. )

Nice Halt
Nice Horse, Nice Halt

No more Top Hats Allowed in National Level Tests!

A great Poster
Freestyles Rule

Equine Canada/Dressage Canada have issued a late rule change that as of May 1st, 2011, only competitors above 4th level will be allowed to wear Top Hats in Canadian Competitions.  All others must wear a safety approved helmet with harness when mounted on the show grounds. Failure to comply will cause the rider to be eliminated from the show.

Any Comments?

Here is a copy of the new rule as of March 23rd, 2011:

ARTICLE E 4.0 SAFETY HEADGEAR [effective May 1, 2011]

1. ASTM/SEI or BSI approved headgear must be worn by all riders

showing Fourth Level and below, regardless of age, when mounted on

the competition grounds at EC Bronze, Silver and Gold competitions.

2. ASTM/SEI or BSI approved headgear must be worn by all noncompeting

riders mounted on horses entered in classes at Fourth Level

or below in EC Bronze, Silver and Gold competitions.

3. All riders of any age while on non-competing horses must wear

protective headgear at all times while mounted on the competition


4. The penalty for contravening 4.0.1 is elimination.

5. Non-competing riders who contravene 4.0.2 and/or 4.0.3 will be

instructed to dismount until wearing an ASTM/SEI or BSI approved


Note: At the tack check which follows the test, the steward may ask the

rider to dismount so that the helmet may be inspected for the ASTM/SEI or

BSI label.

My comment is that I will miss wearing my Top Hat until I can ride in the FEI classes. It’s unfortunate that this elegant piece of our attire will no longer be visible at the higher national levels of our sport.  I acknowlege the inherent risks of riding, but always felt that once you reached third level, you were secure enough in your training to make a personal decision as to the head gear appropriate for your level of showing. Equine Canada (Dressage Canada)’s position is to: ensure our safety and protect against liability.  I thought that is why we signed waivers to compete at  shows.