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Dec 20

CalgaryDressage.com: Hemp Meal as a Supplement for Dressage horses – London’s story

Hemp Meal Helps

I searched for an additional source of protein for my Dressage prospect. This is why I began looking for a palatable source of supplemental protein for London. London is: large horse(17.3) thoroughbred in his breeding (Laurie’s Crusader, Londonderry) stomach issues, hard keeper hot, forward, nervous heavy work and high protein requirement getting a high alfalfa, …

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Feb 17

CalgaryDressage.com…Showing in the USA #2

You have established a training base in southern California, your horse has arrived at the destination all is well. Your horse will need a few days to  adjust to the climate and change in hay. Bathe and clip your horse and find the appropriate sheet/blanket/fly mask combination for the weather in the desert. We feed “Safe Choice”, …

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Feb 01

CalgaryDressage…Help in Half Pass

I’m preparing for my first show of the season here in Thermal. My coach, Jewels Vysniauskas, has been so very patient with us. I don’t know how many times she has had to say “Kim, widen your hands” or “Kim you need to ride with more leg”. I have a degree in Kinesiololgy and also …

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Jan 25

Calgary Dressage…..Made it to Vegas Jan. 25th, 2013

I’m on my quest to ride, train and compete in Southern California.  So far, my husband Bob and friend Robbie Broatch have made it to Los Vegas from Calgary in just over 24 hours.  The going was slow through Montana with wind and blowing snow on Route 89.  I’m  very glad I decided not to …

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Jan 02

Calgary Area Dressage….Riding Academy at Kestrel Ridge Farm

Jewels Vysniauskis riding in Aachen

  Thinking of trying dressage?  Kestrel Ridge Farm has a Riding Academy for beginning riders or those new to the sport of dressage. There are opportunities to cross train with grid work, jumping and  riding trails but dressage basics are at the heart of the program. Kestrel Ridge Farm is one of the few facilities that …

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Oct 24

Dressage training and competition….where are the Men?

Tom Dvorak & Viva's Salieri

All equestrian sports invite men and women to compete as equals. Dressage training and competition is a level playing field for both sexes. This is a rare opportunity in sport. In the Calgary Alberta area, and accross North America, the number of male dressagers have declined over the last 20 years. One reason for the …

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Oct 20

Canadian Dressage Team – 4th, 5th and 6th place

Pan American Games 2011

Guadalajara, Mexico – Canadian Dressage Team members Tom Dvorak of Hillsburgh, ON, Tina Irwin of Stouffville, ON, and Crystal Kroetch of Calgary, AB, placed fourth, fifth and sixth respectively in the Individual Dressage Final held Wednesday, October 19, at the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. Read More….. Canada’s youngest team member, 30-year-old Irwin, …

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Oct 18

Pan-Am Games Dressage Update…..

Pan American Games 2011

– Following the first day of individual dressage competition at the XVI Pan American Games, Tom Dvorak, 46, of Hillsburgh, ON, sits in fourth place, just over one percentage point behind third placed Marisa Featherling of the United States. Riding Viva’s Salieri, a 10-year-old Canadian-bred Hannoverian stallion, Dvorak received a score of 73.079% in the …

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Oct 17

Canadian Pan Am team wins Dressage Silver Medal

Canadian Pan Am team silver Dressage

Congratulaions to everyone and everyequine that made this possible.  Way to go Canada!