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Review and comment on proposed rule changes for 2012

Proposed Dressage Rule Changes All dressagers should read and understand the rule change proposals for 2012. they impact all competitors.  Comments and feedback are invited by EC.  Click on the above link to access the proposed rule changes.

Calgary Dressagers can influence Equine Canada’s (Our) Rules….

Would you like to have input to Equine Canada’s rules? Equine Canada would like to remind all members that the deadline for contributing suggested rule changes for the 2012 editions of the Equine Canada Rule Books is fast approaching. If there is an amendment or new rule you feel should beconsidered for inclusion in 2012, please …

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Custom Helmets in Dressage…The new Top Hat?

Add Bling

Equi-Products have Samshield helmets.  You can purchase a stock helmet, or order your custom Samshield helmet through them.  Samshield Helmets are ASTM/SEI approved. I can’t wait to get mine.

No more Top Hats Allowed in National Level Tests!

Equine Canada/Dressage Canada have issued a late rule change that as of May 1st, 2011, only competitors above 4th level will be allowed to wear Top Hats in Canadian Competitions.  All others must wear a safety approved helmet with harness when mounted on the show grounds. Failure to comply will cause the rider to be eliminated from …

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