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CalgaryDressage California Update….Tuesday Jan. 29th

Super ride today. Jewels got on first and showed me how to work Roddie through.I am a visual learner, so this really helped me understand how, where and when to use my half halts, flexion and keep myself balanced in the saddle. Now is the time to soften my style and blend with Roddie.  If …

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CalgaryDressage.com – “California Dreamin is ‘comin a reality”

Here at last.  I’m a flyer, not a driver. Big thanks to my husband Bob and buddy Robbie Broatch for getting me here and setting me up in our RV. I can see this is a group effort.  You would be hard pressed to do this all by yourself. I’m not saying it couldn’t be …

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Calgary Dressage…..Made it to Vegas Jan. 25th, 2013

I’m on my quest to ride, train and compete in Southern California.  So far, my husband Bob and friend Robbie Broatch have made it to Los Vegas from Calgary in just over 24 hours.  The going was slow through Montana with wind and blowing snow on Route 89.  I’m  very glad I decided not to …

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Calgary Dressage……California Blogging


Stay tuned for information and updates on how to “go large” on the southern California dressage circuit.  I will be shipping my third level horse to Thermal Ca. next week.  Watch for tips and informantion on “how to” for the adult amateur rider who may want to add this experience to their bucket list. You …

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Calgary Dressage…Riding Dressage Tests – Preparation

Haflingers rule

At a recent clinic on general horsemanship, the clinician repeated over and over again he was “getting the horse ready” to move or complete a task.  He was preparing the horse to choose the correct way to move based on his preparation.  This took me a moment to realize that this is what we as …

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Calgary Dressage..Tough training questions for amateurs, are there easy answers?

You're a winner

What is holding you back in your progress?  What if you are not moving ahead in a particular area of your horse’s training or your riding ability?  When is waiting for things to develop patiently not working for you? It can be tough to be honest with yourself, and your horse.  This is where your …

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Calgary Dressage..New Year’s resolutions for dressagers

2012 is fast approaching Have you thought of ways to improve your riding in the New Year? Goal setting is important for achievement in sport. My resolutions are “soft” or subjective.  My “hard” or objective goals are to train for a competitive half pass and achieve single flying changes needed to compete at third level.     Here are …

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Riding Forward……

Joni Lynn Peters and Travolta

It is a good idea to work with many different coaches throughout ones journey in dressage. I’ve been very fortunate to work with great teachers. There are times when you need to slow things down to master technique. There are times when you ned to focus on your horse and times when you need to …

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Dressage Warm-ups…Training Log

black saddle

  Every horse needs a warm-up routine.  I follow the principles of the “Training Scale” but as I ride, I adjust  exercises to spend more time where my horse needs it.  This is no different than a human athlete who is tight in the hamstrings, spending more time streching this area. My horse, Roderick, needs a good measure of …

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CalgaryDressage.com lists local dressage stables

20 x 60m

Dressage Stable Directory (view full post for link)