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CalgaryDressage.com….Groom for Maximum Range of Motion..

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Jan 01

CalgaryDressage.com…2014 resolutions for the New Year

Usually there are many things that come to mind when making New Years resolutions. I am choosing to keep it simple this year. Stay neutral, open and observant in each ride. That’s my mantra for 2014. I have gone through stages focusing  on technique, and micro-management. I must now let my horse do his job. I …

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May 10

CalgaryDressage.com….Barn Affirmations

Facility planning

Here are personal affirmations I use as I go to train at the barn: I accept myself and my horse for who we are today. I have a warm regard for others at the barn. I am ready, present physically, emotionaly, mentally and spiritually. I will assist others whenever I can, without taking away from their self detrmination.I believe …

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Oct 25

Dressage Warm-ups…Training Log

  Every horse needs a warm-up routine.  I follow the principles of the “Training Scale” but as I ride, I adjust  exercises to spend more time where my horse needs it.  This is no different than a human athlete who is tight in the hamstrings, spending more time streching this area. My horse, Roderick, needs a good measure of …

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Jun 21

Dressage Warm-up..Get your Horse off your leg…

Try this exercise as part of your warm up: Ride into a leg yield  facing the rail (either direction) on the long side of the arena. Ride the leg yield several steps down the long side. Halt in leg yield, do not straighten. Use a  turn on the forehand to reposition to leg yield back the opposite …

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Apr 19

Calgary Dressage Tips…What to do if a test goes wrong….


When considering why your test did not go as it should, be honest and objective about why. Your coach can be very helpful in this regard.  You need to look to the reason not the result. This past weekend, I was dissapointed in my first ride, my horse was not with me and seemed to …

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