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Calgary Dressage.com – The Princess Principle

Dressage is a tough sport

Dressage, from the French verb, dressager, “to train” has a reputation for elitism.  After all, the sport is based on highly trained cavalry manouvers shown at court before kings and queens. The “princess principle” embodies the entilted few who have the means to compete a made horse, sometimes observed showing at a level above capacity. These riders as seen with …

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Calgary Dressage prepares for the Mane Event in Red Deer April 26 – 28, 2013

Tom Dvorak at Mane Event 2013 in Red Deer

  The Mane Event, Equine Education & Trade Fair at Westerner Park in Red Deer, April 26 – 28, 2013 is pleased to announce our jumping/equitation clinician and dressage clinicians for this year are: George Morris  and Tom Dvorak If you would like to participate in their sessions or simply audit please visit http://www.maneeventexpo.com for …

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CalgaryDressage.com…links to World Dressage News

What do I do at M?

http://worlddressagenews.com/  This link will take you to the world of dressage news site. Keep up with the show results and rankings of international contenders as London 2012 approaches.

World Dressage News from Calgary Dressage…

Crystal & Lymrix

Click Here I especially like Lendon Gray’s comments on the NJYR Championships…. Crystal Kroetch – ready for Pan Am Also… Crysrtal Kroetch and Lymrix are in 5th place for the Pan-Am Games team.  We’re proud of you. Good luck in the final selection process.

CalgaryDressage.com Dressager’s Log II

Working to win

Helpful exercises for me and Roderick: (maybe you too) 1. Warm up – longitudinal stretch…forward and downward.  You should be able to keep your horses nose where you want it. 2.Warm up – Flexion take to be able to give.  Ride serpentines. 3. Walk squares with 1/4 turns at each corner.  Add leg yield out …

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CalgaryDressage.com Dressager’s Log…Kim Cox

Watch my back

Roderick is a 12 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding, imported KWPN (Ferro X Dance-O-War XX).  He has awesome presence and potential.  I am truly fortunate that he is my equine partner.  To achieve our goals, as a team I must target “suppleness”. General suppleness, in the jaw, poll, through the back and in lateral work.  This means …

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No more Top Hats Allowed in National Level Tests!

Equine Canada/Dressage Canada have issued a late rule change that as of May 1st, 2011, only competitors above 4th level will be allowed to wear Top Hats in Canadian Competitions.  All others must wear a safety approved helmet with harness when mounted on the show grounds. Failure to comply will cause the rider to be eliminated from …

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Gersemi – Sweden’s Equestrian Fashion Brand

Calgary Alberta Area dressage riders looking for cutting edge riding apparel…..check out Gersemi from Sweden.

How to Remember Letters Around the Dressage Arena…

I hope this helps Calgary Alberta area dressage riders. I’ve come up with a way to remember the letter positions around the Dressage arena. Starting with A and going clockwise around the ring: A-All K-Kings V-Visit E-Each S-Special H-Horse C-Cantering M-Merrily R-‘Round B-Beautiful P-Pastures F-Free I understand that the original Dressage letters were abbreviated names …

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First Level Requirements….Tips

Calgary Alberta area show season begins next month with the Carrots & Cocktails Series at Anderson Ranch.  If you choose to move up to 1st Level classes from training level be aware that the expectation is “to confirm that the horse, in addition to the requirements of Training Level, has developed thrust (pushing power) and …

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