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What do I do at M?

http://worlddressagenews.com/  This link will take you to the world of dressage news site. Keep up with the show results and rankings of international contenders as London 2012 approaches.

Calgary Area Dressage Owners vaccination update…..

The minimum standard for most of us dressage owners is to have our horses vaccinated annually against: tetanus, eastern and western encephalomyelitis, west nile and rabies. F.E.I. regulations ask for proof of vaccination against the list of diseases above and also including: equine influenza, equine herpes virus and strangles. It is also time to have …

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Canadian Dressage Team – 4th, 5th and 6th place

Pan American Games 2011

Guadalajara, Mexico – Canadian Dressage Team members Tom Dvorak of Hillsburgh, ON, Tina Irwin of Stouffville, ON, and Crystal Kroetch of Calgary, AB, placed fourth, fifth and sixth respectively in the Individual Dressage Final held Wednesday, October 19, at the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. Read More….. Canada’s youngest team member, 30-year-old Irwin, …

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Pan-Am Games Dressage Update…..

Pan American Games 2011

– Following the first day of individual dressage competition at the XVI Pan American Games, Tom Dvorak, 46, of Hillsburgh, ON, sits in fourth place, just over one percentage point behind third placed Marisa Featherling of the United States. Riding Viva’s Salieri, a 10-year-old Canadian-bred Hannoverian stallion, Dvorak received a score of 73.079% in the …

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Pan-Am games Dressage scores…click here

Crystal & Lymrix

Click here for a link to Pan-Am Games scores for our Sivler Medal winning Dressage Team.

Canadian Pan Am team wins Dressage Silver Medal

Canadian Pan Am team silver Dressage

Congratulaions to everyone and everyequine that made this possible.  Way to go Canada!

No more Top Hats Allowed in National Level Tests!

Equine Canada/Dressage Canada have issued a late rule change that as of May 1st, 2011, only competitors above 4th level will be allowed to wear Top Hats in Canadian Competitions.  All others must wear a safety approved helmet with harness when mounted on the show grounds. Failure to comply will cause the rider to be eliminated from …

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Watch – New 2011 Second Level test 3…


Kim Cox & Roderick show Second Level test 3 at Carrots & Cocktails, 2011 Calgary Area Dressage Season Opening Show.

Calgary Dressage Tips: How to Ride a Diagonal…

Extended Trot

When you prepare to ride the diagonal line: Take a half halt (outside rein), make the  turn to ride your diagonal. Line up the letter with your outside hip as you make the turn to the diagonal, then ride toward the letter lining it up with the new outside hip ( your hip, not the …

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First Level Requirements….Tips

Calgary Alberta area show season begins next month with the Carrots & Cocktails Series at Anderson Ranch.  If you choose to move up to 1st Level classes from training level be aware that the expectation is “to confirm that the horse, in addition to the requirements of Training Level, has developed thrust (pushing power) and …

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