…AEF Hosts Canadian Interprovincials

The Alberta Equestrian Federation will be hosting the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships this year September 13 – 15. The event will be held at Anderson Ranch, just south of Calgary.

The CIEC is a sanctioned Equine Canada competition & a collaborative event between the national and provincial sports organizations.  It aims to develop the next generation of equestrian national and international champions.

This year the competition will be held in Alberta for the first time.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Sophie Beaufils at

For more information about the CIEC you can visit: www.cec?

Also, below is the link to the CIEC page on the AEF website.

First Level Requirements….Tips

Calgary Alberta area show season begins next month with the Carrots & Cocktails Series at Anderson Ranch.  If you choose to move up to 1st Level classes from training level be aware that the expectation is “to confirm that the horse, in addition to the requirements of Training Level, has developed thrust (pushing power) and achieved a degree of  balance and throughness.”

Your horse needs to move forward through the elements of the First Level tests.  Use corners to balance your horse and ask for more roundness in the frame.  Throughness is characterized by the horses pushing power working through your horse, making him light in your hand and round on the bit.  Keep transitions smooth by taking the time to plan and prepare.  Required elements come more quickly in the tests as you progress up the levels.  Make sure you memorize you tests and plan how to ride each element. If you rely on a reader, you won’t have time to prepare for transitions.  “A horse goes how he’s ridden”, use the test elements to your best advantage by knowing what comes next and how to help your horse.

From Calgary Dressage: Level 1 Freestyle Music with Choreography – Beatles

Lots of Pics
Freestyles are fun


Freestyles are fun!



                 Calgary Dressage Level 1 Freetyle – Beatles  

Send me a request in “comments”,  including your email address, and I’ll forward you choreography to go with the music.

You can turn this into a training level freestyle by adjusting the choreography to meet the rule requirements of EC.    

Always check  for rule updates before performing a freestyle for marks at a show.    

There are moves at each level that are “clearly allowed” and that are “clearly disallowed”.

Video for 1st level Freestyle


Watch my 1st Level Freestyle here:



Riding freestyles are a fun way to promote Dressage in the Calgary Alberta area. 

They are a spectator friendly way to share the training and dedication of our sport.

 Try riding to music first, does it distract or motivate?  Can you feel the hoof beats of your horse through the music?  Does your horse like it? Can you imagine a transition to another gait when the music changes? Do you know the required elements of the freestyle level you intend to ride to? Is riding accurately to a letter in a regular test a bit of a worry? 

Stay with, we will explore the art of drafting your freestyle coming soon.

Video is a Dressage Competitors Best Friend…

This video is from the Calgary Alberta area 2010 Anderson Ranch Dressage Series.  I like my halt and the overall score was good ( 67.3).   I have worked on my shortcomings,  recent videos show Roderick as much more balanced and supple.  There is always something to improve on.  Overall this ride was a good example of my dressage training with Roderick in early 2010.