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Jan 29

CalgaryDressage.com – “California Dreamin is ‘comin a reality”

Here at last.  I’m a flyer, not a driver. Big thanks to my husband Bob and buddy Robbie Broatch for getting me here and setting me up in our RV. I can see this is a group effort.  You would be hard pressed to do this all by yourself. I’m not saying it couldn’t be …

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Jan 12

Calgary Dressage……California Blogging


Stay tuned for information and updates on how to “go large” on the southern California dressage circuit.  I will be shipping my third level horse to Thermal Ca. next week.  Watch for tips and informantion on “how to” for the adult amateur rider who may want to add this experience to their bucket list. You …

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Nov 13

Calgary Dressage…Riding Dressage Tests – Preparation

Haflingers rule

At a recent clinic on general horsemanship, the clinician repeated over and over again he was “getting the horse ready” to move or complete a task.  He was preparing the horse to choose the correct way to move based on his preparation.  This took me a moment to realize that this is what we as …

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Apr 18

Calgary area Summer Riding Camps – Kestrel Ridge Farm…..

Haflingers rule

There are limited spaces available for beginner, novice and developing riders. Kestrel Ridge is a dressage based facility.  Once riders obtain a good dressage seat, they can progress to work over fences.Camp Handout (March 29, 2012)

Apr 09

Roderick offered for sale….excellent opportunity!


Roderick, 1998 KWPN, gelding is up for sale. He’s a super solid 2nd level horse, training at third level. Roderick, at 17.2 hands, would be a very suitable mount for an adult amateur entering dressage shows. I believe in training well rounded horses, and Roderick enjoys jumping and hacking out. Roderick’s new owner will have …

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Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Calgary Dressagers and Horses

A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care.   – Pat Parelli  

Feb 14

Calgary Area Dressage..when considering buying a horse or pony.

Halfligers Rock

    Here are some questions you may want answered before traveling to test ride a horse or pony for potential purchase. Consider asking the current owner or trainer: How often is he ridden? Does he know how to lunge? What bit does he use? How is he turned out with other horses? Is this …

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Jan 23

Calgary Dressage..Tough training questions for amateurs, are there easy answers?

You're a winner

What is holding you back in your progress?  What if you are not moving ahead in a particular area of your horse’s training or your riding ability?  When is waiting for things to develop patiently not working for you? It can be tough to be honest with yourself, and your horse.  This is where your …

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Dec 27

Calgary Dressage..New Year’s resolutions for dressagers

2012 is fast approaching Have you thought of ways to improve your riding in the New Year? Goal setting is important for achievement in sport. My resolutions are “soft” or subjective.  My “hard” or objective goals are to train for a competitive half pass and achieve single flying changes needed to compete at third level.     Here are …

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Dec 18

Peace, Love and Horses from CalgaryDressage.com

Christmas card with horses