Riding the Diagonal LIne
Calgary Dressage

1. We were physically well prepared for our tests.

2. Mental toughness is an area I need to keep working on.
3. I need to practice at “speed”.
4. I need to keep in mind the “set up” for the required transitions.
5. Focus, for me, is a big requirement for showing dressage.
6. I’ll never underestimate the value of having a groom.
7. I learned to practice tests at home, but don’t drill.
8. I did accomplish a great deal in my warm-ups.
9. I will work on making my tests be as good as the warm-ups.
10. I will always have fun and learn at shows.
Kudos to PADA for hosting a brillliant Championship this year. 
                                                              Thanks for the great weather.

Published by Kim Cox

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